Selim Yaman

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I'm a Political Science PhD Student at American University's School of Public Affairs, specializing in political methodology and comparative politics with a focus on text analysis and machine learning. Substantively, my research focuses on political violence and military coups. I'm also a Fellow in the Center for Data Science at American University, doing editorial assistantship for Political Analysis and working closely with Professor Jeff Gill. Before starting doctoral study, I did my masters at SOAS, University of London on political economy of development and earned my bachelor’s degree in economics at Bogazici University, Istanbul.

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Through my PhD journey, I needed to acquire some data science and software skills. Most of the time I work in R, but when using Twitter API or some NLP-related stuff, Pyhton has great sources. I learnt how to use JAGS to do Bayesian analysis and how to use hARCGis when applying GIS models on geolocated conflict data. During my experience in the media sector, I also learnt Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos.

R 100%
JAGS 90%
Adobe Premiere Pro 90%
Python 60%
ARCGis 70%